The International Education Expo (IEE) is the largest overseas education exhibition in Taiwan. It is a four-day integrated event in Taiwan's four major cities, Taipei, Hsinchu, Taichung and Kaohsiung. The Expo typically has 100 participants and over 15,000 attendees -- it is the best-known and best-attended event in Taiwan. It is the only major event in Taiwan to have multiple countries represented welcoming schools from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Spring 2017 Special Themes: The expo typically is an excellent event for recruiting students interested in university and college programs, as well as longer-term language program students. The event will also feature two special themes: secondary school program promotion and promotions surrounding work-study programs.

Location and Dates

  • Taipei: Taipei World Trade Center, Hall # 1
  • Taichung: Splendor Hotel
  • Kaohsiung: TBC
  • Hsinchu: Fleurlis Hotel
  • Spring 2017: Feb. 25 ¡V Mar.1

Additional Benefits for Participants

  • One-on-One Pre-Fair Interview Sessions: Two hours prior to the event opening each day, OH! Study will arrange 20-minute interviews for you with pre-screened, highly-interested students. As soon as you register, we will start promoting your school for the one-on-one sessions.

  • Sign up students at the fair: The IEE has a special promotion that encourages students to sign up at the fair -- several hundred students usually sign up! All participating schools can join this promotion by offering some sort of an incentive to encourage students to sign up. Your special offer will be listed on the IEE official web site and in the fair brochure.

  • Year-round student recruiting: Participants in the IEE will be fully integrated into the Oh! Study year-round student recruiting activities. IEE participants are priority schools for receiving students from our center!!

  • Catalogue: All IEE participants will be provided with a one-page colour profile in the Oh! Study seasonal sales catalogue -- free of charge.

  • Website: All participants will have a multiple-page profile with their school picture and logo on the Oh! Study website, which is the most popular overseas study website in Taiwan.

  • Brochure: An attractive full-color event brochure for the IEE with your school description will be distributed to all attendees at the exhibition sites free of charge. Schools can purchase half- and full-page ads in this brochure. There will be 12,000 copies of the brochure printed.

IEE Promotions

  • IEE Promotion budget: Approximately US$100,000.

  • Media choices: bus panel, bus stop ads, street lamp flags, website ads, social media promotions, brochure distribution, radio station ad campaigns, and over 200 local school visits and seminars.

Additional Services

  • Translators: All booths are provided with a translator for the five-day event. The cost of the translator is included in the fair registration fee.

  • Substitute Representative: If you cannot personally come to Taiwan to participate in the IEE, we can arrange to have a ¡§Substitute Representative¡¨ man your booth. Substitute representative fee: regular booth registration fee plus US$150 / day

  • Accommodation: Five-star hotel in each city. Please see room rates and more details on our website. Business and mid-range hotels are available in Taipei.

  • Local Transportation: your registration includes ground transportation to Taichung and Hsinchu(Taipei) and a group high speed rail ticket from Taipei to Kaohsiung.

  • Brochure Printing: print your brochures in Taiwan and save shipping costs. Send us details of your printing request and we will send you a quote!

Additional School Promotional Opportunities

  • Fair Brochure Ads: Half- and full-page ads can be placed in the fair brochure for US$750 and US$1,350 respectively

  • Seminar Time: 50-minute seminar time slots during the exhibition can be reserved in Taipei for US$350.

How to participate

  • Standard Booth Rental:A standard booth is 3M X 2M in Taipei and 3M X 1.5M in Taichung and Kaohsiung. Booths are equipped with two chairs, a table and overhead lighting. Electrical outlets can be provided for free, but MUST be ordered prior to the fair.

    o Standard Booth Fees: Taipei (2 days) + Kaohsiung (1day) + Taichung (1 day): **$5,450. (**Note: This rate is the early bird discount rate and is only available for registrations and payments received before August 1st for the Fall IEE and December 19th for the spring event. (Payments received after this date will be charged the full amount of $5,950 )

  • o Defer 40% of the Registration Fees: If you are an Oh! study partnered school and sign up and pay for the event before August 1st for the Fall IEE and December 19th for the Spring IEE, you can defer $2,500 of the fees until the Oh! Study Center sends you students. This will bring your initial cost for the event down to $3,450. Contact us for details on how you can take advantage of this special promotion.

  • Corner Booth Rental (Taipei): Participants can rent standard booths and reserve a space at the corner of an aisle for an additional US$500, Spaces are available on a first come, first serve basis.

  • Multiple Booth Discounts: A discount of 10% will be given to a school that rents two or more booth

  • Secondary School Section: The Expo will feature a special secondary school section with smaller booths and reduced prices. Booths in this section will have a 2.5M back wall, one 150cm table and four chairs. Fees for the four-day event are 3,250 and earlybird discounted rate of 2,950 payment received before August 1st for the Fall IEE and December 19th for the Spring IEE. (Note: Schools must be partnered with Oh! Study to take advantage of this offer)

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