Media Strategy

  • A shift in promotions will see greater promotions before the event to prepare students to come to the event ready to make a final school selection. 
  • The staff of the Oh! Study Education Consulting Center will conduct extensive outreach visiting over 200 schools before the fair.
  • Based on full booth subscription, the Spring event will have a budget of US$100,000 for advertising and promotional efforts.
  • Emphasis will be placed the following promotions: campus visits, website advertisements, radio ads and interviews, bus panel/bus stop ads, MRT ads and internet portal ads.
  • Website advertising will begin in six weeks prior to the event to inform the public of the event and to encourage interested parties to contact the organizers or visit the OEE website to obtain participant and event information.
  • Print ads will increase in size and frequency throughout January and February.
  • Outdoor media ads will be displayed one month before the event.
  • Radio ads will begin two to four weeks before the event

Media Choice

Bus panel and bus stop: Buses and bus stops on popular routes for students and young career professionals in each city will carry ads for the OEE.
Website: The extensive OEE website will promote the event. The website will be emphasized in all advertising mediums.
Internet Portal: Advertisements in Taiwan's most popular internet portals will be placed one month before the OEE, including Yahoo, Google and Facebook.
Radio: Advertisements in Taiwan's most popular radio stations will be placed one month before the OEE, including ICRT.
MRT (subway): Display ads in all cars in the Taipei MRT will be displayed.

Public Relations

Media Relations: Media kits including major news releases, past OEE pictures, and OEE information will be sent to all media outlets before the event. A press conference will be held to launch the OEE.
Posters/Pamphlets: Posters and pamphlets promoting the fair will be distributed to all educational institutions and to the general public the month before the fair.
School Visits: Oh Study will have staff members visit local schools and inform students and counselors of the event. We conducted over 200 campus seminars and teacher meetings to promote previous events. Similar numbers will be done for the upcoming event.


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